ArMen Capital is an investment company.  Depending on the size of the investment, we either lead the transaction for our selected investors or we acquire the target directly.

What is our investment focus?

We invest in "special situations", i.e. companies going through a difficult phase, either operationally, financially or with respect to their shareholders.  We then lead the operational turnaround of the company, recapitalize its balance sheet and stabilize its shareholder base, as need be.  For example, we are interested in struggling non-core subsidiaries of large corporations, failing LBOs or even companies in need of a generational hand-over.

What are our operational criteria?

We invest primarily in industries in which we have strong operational experience i.e. healthcare and aerospace.  Our companies are generally small- to medium-sized, they have a well-recognized industrial franchise and are engaged in business-to-business activities.